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You just need to have a recipe and we handle everything for you!

Private Label

We offer the recipe and we handle everything for you under your brand name!

Commercial Kitchen

Use a clean and commercial space 

to produce your products in small size!

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Labels and bags

Do have artwork of your package design?

Ask us for the price 

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Some of your common questions:

- Can you pack dry powders or mix flours?


- What Kind of product do you can produce:

  Cookies, Granolas, Energy Bites, Flour and any kind of dry goods.


- Can you produce or pack jam, dip or liquid products?



- Can you source the ingredients?



- What is your minimum order?

  It depends on your products and project, but usually between 1000-2000 units.

- What Kind of packaging you can pack it?

  Stand-up Pouch, Kone bags, Jar, Boxes, Pet Conister, Pet Shaker.

- What is your lead time for the orders?

  10 to 14 business days.

- How Can I get an estimate of production?

  Please open the service page that your looking for, the is a red tab that is QUOTE REQUEST, when you click on it there is a form with some questions when you answer them you can submit the form, and automatically we will receive it.

- How long does it take to answer the QUOTE REQUEST?

  When we receive the form, if your product was under our category we will respond to you in up to 10 business days.

- I submitted my QUOTE REQUEST but I didn't get back the answer.

  If you didn't receive any response from us after a month that means we're not able to produce or pack your products.

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