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Co-Packing Program


If you have a single dry ingredient and you want to repack it in small size, you can call us to help you, 

One pallet or one container, we can repack them for you.

Nutrition Facts Table

If you have a product, you need an NFT label based on the last government requirements.

We can provide this label for you.


When you have a product or idea, and you are looking for a professional company to produce and pack your product, you can call us.

Shipping To your address

Shipping always is a big challenge for product owners, we can offer you the best price price for your product that we are co-pack it

Sourcing ingredients

Best sources of ingredients in Canada and US.

If you have you're bag design but looking for the best price for printing, we can give you a quote for the bag/package printing.

Send your information for getting the quote

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What People Say

Canadian Co-packing is doing a great job in manufacturing my granola. They are easy to work with and very friendly. The quality is consistent and produced in a timely manner.

April Bellia, BC

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